Ptz or pan tilt camera control

I bought a few days ago 4 YI IOT intelligent cameras, after installing the app and setting up everything, all looks good until I used to pan and tilt on my mobile, I found out the in normal position the cam stops when facing down and not moving up again at all.
what is the problem? is it a software or hardware problem?
Has anyone had the same problem?

Hello. The only thing I can think of is to reset the application (delete it reinstall it). Id be surprised if all four have gone faulty at the same time due to hardware failure.

What platform are you using? If you are using ios any chance you could use Android and see what happens.

I’m not sure if there could be a communication issue between your cameras and the application.

What Id try with one camera is. Delete it from your system and move it closer to your main internet router. Set it back up and see if the pan-tilt corrects itself. If it does move it to the location where it was giving issues and try again.

Let us know how you get on.

Hey @falcon Thanks for joining the community. You’ve come to the right place!

We have just a couple of questions to help us troubleshoot this for you.

How close to the wifi router is the camera?
Are you running 2.4ghz or 5ghz?
How many walls inbetween the camera and the router?

Also, try downloading our Kami Home app, logging in with your Yi Credentials and trying from this app.

Thanks for your time and patience! Hope all is well

Hi Steven
I am 2 m far from the main router i am testing the camera and found this problem.
using 2.4GHZ router
no walls or obstacles
Mechanically all cams has the same design.
I know it is a software problem.

HI YorkshireUser
I tried all possible things i know about cams I have 24 cams running 24 hours with no error of any kind, all works like charm.
I am a technician so what ever you thought of (I tried) and for some reason the software that is installed on this camera is not exactly working, I am sure something is missing.
turning the camera 180 degree the cam works normally.
only in normal standing position it holds down and stops all movement.
That is all, I have no idea what is wrong, only if I can have the firmware for the cam I might fix the problem.

What software version are you running for the app. Indicate the app name and platform please.

For clarity how many of these done cameras do you have and how many have the issue with the tilt functionality?

What is the firmware version for all of the dome cameras.

I have access to dome cameras and they are working fine so more information from you could indicate where the issue is.

Also let us know have these cameras ever worked (I am assuming they have) and let us know if anything within your environment changed.


Good evening and happy Friday. Man, you’ll have to give some insight into your 24 camera set up. That’s awesome! I do not doubt one bit that you know you’re stuff. Why don’t I send you a direct message and we will discuss the next steps.

Hey guys
Enjoy your weekend.
The reset button is tired from me I pressed it so many times i can’t remember how many times I did.
I used all apps Kami and YI IOT and still the same, I am sure firmware is not like other Cam software, there is a glitch somewhere.
still searching for a solution, and nothing works.
All 4 cams are the same in this point with same fault.
Current version
I checked all cams.
The firmware is up to date as it shows in the settings.

Hey @falcon how’s everything going? I want to apologize for the forum being under construction & unavailable. I am sorry about that. I hope everything went okay.

I am going to send you a direct message to follow up ptz connection issues you were having with your mobile device.

Thank you. Hope you’re having a good week.