Problem with a new version of firmware

Good afternoon,

I have one YI Dome guard. Today I updated the firmware to the last version

As for the security copy, I have one microSD card and I’m not into any cloud plan.

After the update the camera doesn’t send me any messages when they detect any movement at home.

Additionally, in the screen -I send a screenshot of what appears in the app- the camera has deactivated the possibility to detect the human movement. Now it seems it is Only disponible with the kami cloud plan.

Could you please help me?

In the new firmware update release, there is a New AI Detection Feature added to the camera to reduce the unwanted alerts.
The motion detection can still detect every motion within the camera frame but it is not categorized as Person, Vechicle, Animal.

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Why doesn’t Kami at least admit they have a corrupted software version that prevents motion from being recorded on the SD card (not sure if this is happening with the cloud). If this was done on purpose then they deserve to go out of business. I have been in touch with customer service with no resolution for this issue. Buy new cameras from Amazon then just return the defective ones. Problem solved.

Looks like they have removed the use of the SD card function, to force you on to their subscription cloud service if you still want to use the cameras.

You are 100% correct. Trick is this…

BUY THE SAME CAMERA ON AMAZON. Swap out your camera and return it.

DO NOT UPDATE YOUR FIRMWARE on the new camera. Problem solved. I speak from experience, and I have over 20 cameras…all replaced and working like they did before the update they originally released around end of 2022.