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Hi, I have a 15-day recordings cloud plan. Just yesterday I needed a recording of the 15th and it wouldn’t let me access it. Does anyone know if there is any way to access previous recordings? even if it’s paying for the 30-day plan. Or have those recordings been destroyed already?


Hello. My understanding is that once the agreed storage is exceeded the data is deleted fully. Due to data protection and privacy rules and regulations.

@Steven_Kami should be able to confirm I’m correct.

Thanks for your reply.

Hey @otelo8 YorkShire is correct, for privacy reasons, we do not store any footage after the date exceeds your number of days allowed for storage. You can upgrade to the 30-day plan for future events but, it will not bring up past events.

Many thanks for coming to the community forum for more information. Let us know if there is any other questions we can answer for you.

Have a great day!

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I just noticed, that all my previous recorded data are being automatically deleted after a few days!!
The SD cards are empty, so it’s not the same issue!

The questions is, why this is happening? I am loosing the data recorded!

The issue is happening on 3 different YI HOME cameras.

What model of cameras have you got? What brand and class of SD card? Did it ever work without data deletion? Does anyone else have access to your data?

With the SD card recording you can only delete that information by fully formatting the card. That would remove all data, so is there any chance someone could have done that?

It would be strange that three different cameras are suffering this very unique scenario at the same time. So more understanding of your setup would be appreciated.

My cameras are the YI home camera model.

I’ve already figured out what’s going on.
Both SD cards were practically full. And this is the reason why recordings made by motion detection disappear from history.
What I don’t understand is why I don’t get any information about the status of Kingston 32Gb SD card!
I also don’t understand how the SD cards were full, because I usually erase the recordings to not fill the SD card. I deduce that when I delete a record video, it’s only the visual indication that disappears, but the recording is not being deleted!
Can you please check this issue?

Thank you

How do you delete the SD cards recordings? The only way you can delete SD card recordings is a format which clears the entire card. Do you mean you delete the free cloud alerts? If so that’s got nothing to do with the SD Card.

When the SD card gets ‘full’ new data replaces the oldest data. I would however suggest when an SD card is used in a security monitoring camera you format it every 2 to 3 months.

I am not sure what you mean by information about the Kingston SD Card. What does it say under Micro SD card within the camera settings?

What model of YI camera are you using?


I delete the “Motions Detections” after see it. However, some I keep. And that’s why a few days ago, I noticed that these motion detections that I hadn’t deleted, disappeared!
By coincidence, i found the same issue, on the others cameras.

My cameras models are: YHS-113-IR

When I delete a recording, is it not deleted from the SD card?

No. The alerts are independent of the SD card. The motion alerts last seven days before they are deleted

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Now it’s clear for me.

Thank you for your good support.


Thanks for all the help @YorkshireUser You’re awesome.

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How do you delete the 6 sec recordings?

Hello. I realise you have asked this directly of another user but I can help you out.

From the welcome screen tap Alerts.

In the Alerts page at the top right there is a green pencil.

Tap that.

This will now allow you to select the alerts you wish to delete.

Caution here though once deleted they are gone so if you delete something you cannot get it back and neither can support so its on the user what they keep and what they delete.

All free alerts automatically delete after seven days.

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Thank you. I’ll give it a try

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Let us know how it goes @Kris1 or if you have any troubles