Poor Connection Speed (between 0 and 29KB/s)

I just received my replacement Yi Outdoor Camera 1080p and continue to have the same problems I had mentioned before the exchange

YI Windows App connection speed is between 0 and 30kbs

I ran a speed test at that location and the result is 137 mbps download and 66.7 mbps upload

ping 13 Jitter ms8. Max resolution is 2160p

The connection speed is so poor on this camera that the picture is slow and pixelated (Android and Windows). I have tried changing the resolution with no difference.

I have put in hours and hours of effort to solve this problem and I am about to toss this camera and find one that is more reliable

Hi, we would like to know the details of the problem you mentioned. Please reach out to us on the email listed below so our customer support can help you out:

Video Speed Example
Home network connection 500/500 mbs
Camera is 15 ft from an eero router (straight shot)
Former Yi outdoor camera worked perfectly, the only difference between that one and this one is that this one has a time stamp.

Still have not recieved a response