Please help!! I’m out of options and tried it ALL!!!

**Ok so here goes! I HAVE contacted support which she was nice but got me NOWHERE!
I watched the YouTube video on here as well and still NOTHING!! I have a set of 4 Kami mini cams and one outside cam. Electric went out before I had the outside one. Two work still and the other two I STILL can’t get to work! My subscription to the 24/7 monitoring is up next month! I won’t renew at this rate if these two aren’t fixed!! I have my location on. I’ve reset EVERYTHING!! My phone is on the same wifi network. I’ve done it all! I literally sit on top of the router when trying to connect the cameras and they now just time out!! I’ve reset them about a million times! I’ve reset my phone and also the router still NOTHING!! I am sooooo aggravated!!! Oh and I also downloaded this other app that customer service told me to download as well! PLEASE HELP ME!!! I bought the 4 in a pack so I can’t just return the 2!! Thank you for any help!! **

From what I understood, 2 of your cameras encountered an error about timing out during configuration because the power went out. Please correct me if I misunderstood anything. I don’t know much about this but I’ll see what I can do.

Have you tried turning off the router and waiting a few minutes before turning it on? This sometimes solves my router problems but it might not work. That’s all I can think of for now, I might come up with more later.

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I am guessing you don’t need to be by the router but perhaps the cameras are being blocked or something. To be clear, they worked before the power outage right?

Yes I have. I’ve also reset both and turned off my phone and back on just to make sure. You are also correct my power went off and 2 out of 4 minis quit working and I can’t get them back online. The other two are still online my wifi isn’t 5G. I talk to customer support and even though I did everything she told me I tried again.

Hello. Is there any chance you could try to install them in another location on a different network? This will assist problem solving.

You say you’ve reset multiple times what errors occur when you try to add them back to your network? Before resetting the cameras did you remove the cameras from your account first ?

I am so frustrated. I bought two cameras and thought am they would be plug and play. Man’s was I wrong. I have an older Kami cam and finally got it to work.

I can not get pass reading QR code ok then searching for network over and over. What am I doing wrong. Get really close to a bad recommendation of this product.

Have an older cam and trouble getting this one online but it’s working fine. Do not remember what I did.

Please help, please


I had the same problem with my two iPads tried all different ways no good tried my phone works straight away best I can do

i have owned Yi for YEARS and love them. But i am fighting a few issues. I have about 6 of the DOME cameras, and in the app they show 30%-85% when i want to view the live image then never work. So i go to 3 of the cameras that HAVE BEEN WORKING IN THE SAME SPOT FOR OVER 1-2 YEARS. Then I reset them. Then I goto my app and remove the camera. Then I goto the app and add the camera. my iphone is on a 2G network (airplane mode, just so I am on WIFI the whole time). My speed test from my iphone that is 2 feet from the camera i am adding has a speed test 100-135Mb sec. so my Wifi works and my signal is good. Then when I TRY to add the camera. it lets me go through the steps of putting pw for wifi, making QR code the camera does scan it, and says connecting to wifi… BUT the app on my phone never give me the option to name the camera or even says its done. the camera does not say anything… it has a blue LED on, but NEVER shows up in my app. So i reset the camera and do it again… SAME THING. never gets added to my app. and all 3 cameras are doing the same thing. But all my other WORKING cameras work fine. i also try to goto Yi website and download the lastest code. Well the site does not even let me download code to my PC. (YI must be having some issues on there site and there app). anyone have any ideas what I should do? I do want to get a working camera and remove from app and app back, but i done what to F that one up and never get it back online. i have also sent email to support and NOONE has replied to me.

i have done this… and the last screen shows up. But eh camera never gets added to the app… all 3 cameras and doing this. I have also reset my Wifi… its not my wifi, all other devices in my house work on wifi… its only these 3 cameras that do NOT work.

no, i have even tried using Windows App on my PC, and i have remove app from iphone and reinstalled it and still does not add these cameras. the App ver is 5,6,1 on phone and 1.0.0._202010211000Intl on windows. hummmm why Intl in windows… hummm

I have a dome Kami camera that I replaced the formatted chip to make the camera think it’s new.
Would you forward a 1 thur whatever steps to get this important camera online.

It’s a dome camera with white base