Please help!! I’m out of options and tried it ALL!!!

**Ok so here goes! I HAVE contacted support which she was nice but got me NOWHERE!
I watched the YouTube video on here as well and still NOTHING!! I have a set of 4 Kami mini cams and one outside cam. Electric went out before I had the outside one. Two work still and the other two I STILL can’t get to work! My subscription to the 24/7 monitoring is up next month! I won’t renew at this rate if these two aren’t fixed!! I have my location on. I’ve reset EVERYTHING!! My phone is on the same wifi network. I’ve done it all! I literally sit on top of the router when trying to connect the cameras and they now just time out!! I’ve reset them about a million times! I’ve reset my phone and also the router still NOTHING!! I am sooooo aggravated!!! Oh and I also downloaded this other app that customer service told me to download as well! PLEASE HELP ME!!! I bought the 4 in a pack so I can’t just return the 2!! Thank you for any help!! **

From what I understood, 2 of your cameras encountered an error about timing out during configuration because the power went out. Please correct me if I misunderstood anything. I don’t know much about this but I’ll see what I can do.

Have you tried turning off the router and waiting a few minutes before turning it on? This sometimes solves my router problems but it might not work. That’s all I can think of for now, I might come up with more later.

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I am guessing you don’t need to be by the router but perhaps the cameras are being blocked or something. To be clear, they worked before the power outage right?

Yes I have. I’ve also reset both and turned off my phone and back on just to make sure. You are also correct my power went off and 2 out of 4 minis quit working and I can’t get them back online. The other two are still online my wifi isn’t 5G. I talk to customer support and even though I did everything she told me I tried again.

Hello. Is there any chance you could try to install them in another location on a different network? This will assist problem solving.

You say you’ve reset multiple times what errors occur when you try to add them back to your network? Before resetting the cameras did you remove the cameras from your account first ?