Playback not working with SD card

My playback just stopped working all of the sudden on my Yi Home indoor cameras.
I have an SD card in both of them and i have re formatted it 2 times now and the play back still doesn’t work. As well as a re set 2 time. It says my SD card is in good working condition. The playback doesn’t even show up as an option.

What needs to be done.

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Hello. I’m not sure what you mean when you say playback doesn’t show as an option.

When you are in your live camera view and you tap once the control menu to the bottom of the live screen should revert to a timeline?

Is this not happening? The timeline should be orange to indicate recordings.

In your settings of the camera check the activity detection recording.

the orange timeline is not showing up at all. and the activity detection recording is turned on.

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Turn off the activity recording and see what happens

still does nothing. I am not sure what is going on with them.

Can you take a screengrab of your screen please? The only other thing to try would be to delete the app and reinstall. If that didn’t work reset the camera. But that would not suggest why you have two that’s gone like this at the same time.

What model of camera is it?

So it is capturing alerts. What happens when you tap on an alert?

the alert plays
but no timeline

How long was it working before this happened?

What brand and class of SD card are you using?

When you click on complete clip what happens?

It has been working for 3 years. I am not sure on HD card it is 64 gb of a good SD card.
When i click Complete clip it take me to live time view

Are you on iOS. If so. Go to the main Welcome Home page then tap Alerts and select an alert then try Complete Clip. Let me know what happens

no android phone. sorry

Ok please try the above on your Android and let me know what happens

still is just taking me to the current live view.

This is totally your decision but would you delete the app and reinstall it ? I’m
Not sure that will correct this issue. But it is something to try.

I uninstalled the YI HOME app and reinstalled it and it is still doing the same thing.
I am guessing my only other option is to eject the SD card tonight and do a hard reset and then reinstall everything.