Pairing fails on Filtered Internet - What IP/URL to ask ISP to open?

Hi. New guy here looked at 20 topics but couldn’t find what I need.
I cannot pair to the camera when using my home WIFI which has filtered internet.
It works great on my father’s house (open internet) or my wife’s phone as hotspot (again, open internet) but not when I’m using my home network which has filtered internet in the ISP level.

I can ask the ISP to open specific IPs or URLs so that this can work out but I couldn’t find anywhere what IPs or URLs the camera needs in order to operate.

The camera connects to wifi successfully but then a minute or 2 later it will tell me the pairing failed and to reset the camera… again this only happens on my filtered internet so I’m pretty confident with the right IPs and URLs open this will be solved. I cannot have unfiltered internet at home.

Thank you!

Hey, dgemu! Thanks for bringing that up. What I am thinking is you need to manage the MAC filtering of your network. Please visit this link for further steps.

Hi Anne, I already had these settings on but nothing. I’m pretty sure it all has to do with my internet being filtered - not mac filtering but URL filtering at the ISP level - so for example youtube is blocked and so on. I assume the camera is trying to reach the cloud or whatever IP and fails there because it works great on networks with internet. Will pairing ever succeed on no-internet networks? if not than I have the same issue but I can tell my ISP what IPs/URLs to open so that it can succeed - I just need you to tell me what to tell them :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey dgemu! May I know what error message you are getting when trying to pair?

“Pairing has timed out. Please reset the camera.”

Sounds like it’s an individual issue, let’s troubleshoot it separately. Let me send you a private message.