Outdoor wireless not scanning qr code

Wireless camera was started to show only in black and white. Reset camera and now cannot reconnect. It won’t scan the qr code. All I here is waiting to connect. I click the app to get to the qr code and then nothing. I’ve enlarged it and still nothing. Reset it again and repeat process. Still nothing. Any advice? Camera is maybe a year old.

Are you trying to reset the camera in its external location? If so, can you try setting it up closer to your router please.

am having the same issue with my camera showing only in black and white is their some issue?

That sounds more like it is staying in night vision mode. Have you got a screenshot of the issue please? Also what is the environmental lighting like?

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Thanks for the help YorkShire.

A screenshot would be super helpful for our team to diagnose the problem and find the best solution. Please send as soon as its convenient.

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If your wireless camera won’t scan the QR code, check out the camera settings and enable QR code scanner option.

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Great tip @emily123! Always a good option to check your phones settings as well.