Only speaks Chinese

I reset my Yi 1080p camera and now it only talks in Chinese. How do I get it back to English? I’ve reset it multiple times.

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Did this happen when you updated the firmware of the camera?

Hey @cody have you recently updated your app or firmware?

Where you located?

Please see our FAQ page on how to reset your Yi 1080p camera. Double check to ensure all is done correctly. Please let us know how it goes.

The apps asked to update the firmware and we put yes. Two cameras went off-line and they wouldn’t go back on, the troubleshooting said to reset the camera and that’s when it turned into Chinese language
I just tried the other camera and the exact same thing happened to it.

I just watched the video and that is what I did. However, instead of saying “reset is successful” it spoke in what I assume is Chinese.

hallo steven
io ho una yi home 1080p
purtroppo dopo il reset la camera parla in cinese
come devo fare per impostare inglese

i have a yi home 1080p
unfortunately after the reset the camera speaks in Chinese
how should i do to set english

Hey @gigiofly I am sorry to hear that! Can you check to see if there is a new firmware update available? Please also make sure your app is update.

Can you send me the ID number for the camera? Go to camera settings, then camera name and send us the ID number

This should be the room ID.
The filmware that I downloaded and put on a micro sd is the one in the European version site.
I copied the filmware to the sd and put it in the room, but unfortunately the camera answers me in Chinese and I don’t understand what it says …
What should I do?

the foto of code send on mail!

send me the photo and I will do a little digging.

Thanks for your patience!

hallo MR Steven
sorry for my error
here the details of camera:

Product name: YI 1080p home camera,
Model: YYS.20167

In photo, the camera QR code:


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Thanks for sending this over, Luigi. There is still one bit of information I need which you can find inside the app itself. If you go to the settings for the camera in question and select, “Camera Name” there is an ID #

Can you email me the ID number from within your app?

So you just gone send all the info someone needs to gain access to YOUR camera on the internet??? :man_facepalming:t4: You might wanna delete this and throw away the whole camera

I have the same issue. I installed the camera normally, but after some time it disconnected and started speaking Chinese. After that, I am trying to reconnect. I tried everything, but I can’t connect. I waited 1-2 minutes to connect after several resets, but there were no results. Please help me.

Hi, we would like to know the details of the problem you mentioned. Please reach out to us on the email listed below so our customer support can help you out: