Ongoing 4G issue

Hi, I have used YI cameras for some time and have recommended them to friends. The only issue I have is the one that has been ongoing for sometime regarding the 4G issue in the UK while trying to access the cameras using an iOS device. I am wanting to upgrade my YI cameras at home (4) to Kami ones and get the new doorbell camera but the 4G issue is putting me off. I don’t want to have to keep swapping to 3G just to view my cameras and I’m not prepared to keep it on 3G especially when I can get 5G in certain areas with my iphone. Anyone found a fix apart from the above mentioned one or have any update on a fix? Everytime my phone says there’s an update for the app I cross my fingers it’s fixed but so far unfortunately not!

No fix I’m aware of. But it only impacts some mobile networks. I can at times access 4g sometimes I cannot. I have another device that can access 3G/4g and when in an area 5g. But that is not a main device for me so cannot confirm the longevity of that successful connection.

To be honest i keep my phone on 3G (I don’t even use my phone on my gigafast network) so it’s not too much of an issue for me but I appreciate the inconvenience it could cause for some customers

Right now I’ve just switched my iPhone to 4g and it’s connecting.

Looping in @Steven_Kami to see if there are any other issues of this other than with UK mobile networks.