One Camera Only Displays Black & White

I recently purchased the 4-camera YI Home Camera 3 (1080p) home camera system and set it up last night. I have two cameras connected so far. One camera displays color, and the second displayed color at first, but now will only show in black and white? It switched back to color once, but mostly stays black and white. What may be causing this, and how do I fix it?

Hi @temple5150, thank you for joining the forum. Do you mind letting me know when this problem began? Also, are you pointing the camera out a window by any chance?

Hi there. No, It is in my back room. I think it may have fixed itself though. I read through a few posts, and figured it may be a low light issue? It may be switching to IR mode. I have filtered light in the evenings, and the blind is closed for much of the afternoon. Yesterday, when the room had a light on, and the blind up, it was in color again. I will keep an eye on it, and revert back if the problem persists. Unless you have anything to add?

Hey Mark, yeah, it sounds like the camera is just adjusting to the low light conditions Thanks very much for the update.