nothing is recorded on the SD memory

hello, my three YiDome cameras no longer record anything on memory cards. can someone tell me why?

Hi @Robtecc thanks for joining the forum. I’ll have to get some more information from you so we can figure out what is going on here.

Are you on using the Android or iOS version of the app? Please check that you are running the latest version of the app.

What happens exactly when you try and playback footage from the SD card?

If possible, please post a screenshot of the storage section of the app. To find that please click on the settings icon for your camera (circled in the screenshot below)

From there, scroll down to the ‘Storage’ section where you will see whether the SD card is in good condition (shown below).


@Robtecc if I understood your question, the memory card was working and now doesnt work anymore, correct? Some suggest :slight_smile:
1-) the memory card works in a laptop for example?
2-) You alredy try to format those? FAT32?
3-) did you try use another memory card to see if works?

I hope that help you…


Juarez Prado

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Great tips @Juarezpj :clap: