Not recording and no alerts

Just got this camera. Followed set up. Even got cloud service for up to 5 cameras for $100. Does not seem to be recording a darn thing and no alerts on my cell phone. I have it set to also be away, and nothing still. I tried calling just to get hung up on after waiting on hold.


Hi Jeff, what is the model of the camera that you’re having trouble with? Without more information it’s hard to offer much advice, apart from checking that motion detection is enabled.

Here are a couple of articles that might be of use.

I’m having the same issue eith my existing cameras. Alerts aren’t working motion can’t be turned on any of them complete failure of the notification system

It started tonight a few hrs ago. I have the 1080p dome cameras. Alerts worked then all of a sudden. Stopped. Firmware all updated network connectivity fine. App up to date I can’t get alerts on any of my cameras even the one I have subscribed to. I can’t even go back and watch the old alert snapshots it ssys video failed to download. Sounds like another app issue like a month ago when the app bad a huge issue with an update.

App and cloud have now been down for a few hours.

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Yes, we were having server issues Yesterday. Thanks @Itstrue24 for letting @Cmoh330 know.

@Cmoh330 are you cameras working ok now?