Not able to view longer history on my SD card

To learn more about SD card playback in the new app release, please go here:

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Steven - was what I posted somewhat wrong or what ? I note the comments are vanished.


Why are you deleting posts of people having problems with your service.


@ LondonGal:

I copied your post before it got vanished.

Apparently some coverup going on.

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Here’s mine also:

I use SD cards. Before this ‘improvement’ I could see all activity from my SD card whether I had motion sensing on or not. Now I can’t. It appears that all my activity was channeled to the cloud and then back to my SD card rather than straight to my SD card as well as the cloud; so I assume to save cloud space the new firmware prevents uploading unless the motion sensing is selected. Why isn’t my motion being sent to my SD card when I don’t use the cloud ? I don’t need Yi/Kami to store my data.
I also noted that I used to have a LOT of saved motion detection but now it resets at midnight each day. That is NOT what I bought.
I also noted that re-dating the previous firmware update and re-issuing as a ‘new’ update it would at least get us back to where we were (as bad as I found that).


Hi. Can you check now to see how it’s working with your SD card. I use only SD cards in my cameras and can see the SD card footage.

On my iPhone I am still using the former app version. But on one of my tablets I’m using the new app. Granted the new app does appear to be a little clunkier in how it does it - but I can scroll back through all the SD card recorded footage as I can on my iPhone.

When clicking on the SD card icon it brings up the green bar to show recording length. This can be scrolled through.

What is confusing on the new app is that when you click on the calendar it would suggest from the calendar items that you can only see from today. However I can scroll on the timeline through the sD card recording history.

@Steven_Kami not sure if the team is aware of this feature of the new app. Also what seems to have gone is that when you play a free motion detection alert the option to play it via the SD card is not showing (the play complete clip). The recording is however available on the SD card.

In portrait the video window does appear to be squashed. The option to take it into full screen landscape is pretty straight forward but having a more visible image on the main page would be useful.

Steven it would also seem on the newer app that the free cloud motion alerts are only for the previous 24 hours.

@ YorkshireUser:

Nothing has changed. It’s a complete mess.

So you are unable to view the SD card footage on your device? I have had another user try on a apple device and they can see SD card footage since I have spoken them through what I mentioned in my previous post.

I can’t go back past midnight of the day - trying to access another day get’s me the ‘buy this cloud service to see more’ - It’s a scam!

They need to reset this NOW !

What device are you using? I can scroll through my entire recording history now on my tablet. I couldn’t do but they have issued an update.

What I cannot scroll through past midnight of the current day is the free cloud alerts. Not sure if they have removed the seven days on that.

I guess technology companies can and do change things (sometimes sadly!).

Just to let you know too have also had posts deleted which mentioned information regarding users being forced to upgrade from SD Card to cloud premium service.


I wondered why my profile said i had no posts or replies because the topic i was replying too had been deleted!


Correct…. It no longer exists. It was “Kami Community] [Community Support] New App makes cameras useless”.


@Beards Yes that was the post! I’m regretting purchasing these cameras now, I cannot even view past days on my SD card anymore.


From an iOS user, not that I am aware.

listed instruction for number 4 does not work.

This is one area iOS users are not allowed to do…. Pleased as an Android user you managed to change back to a ‘working correctly’ version.

Instead of the support guy posting constant links to the “how to” which we aren’t interested in. Perhaps he could answer this question -

“have KAMI deliberately removed the ability to scroll back recorded video to as far back as your SD card can go(from the Iphone V5 app) to any given point using the indoor/outdoor Yi cameras? - if no will this functionality return? - if yes then also please let us know so I can sell my cameras on ebay”

This is how it used to look. You could drag the crown bar back to a point in time.

IMG_9245 copy 2


With the fact we are seeing posts and topics being deleted does not bode well in users having complete SD Card control back. I clearly mentioned that last year Yi Technology put out a similar upgrade which after many complaints the App was reverted to a previously working version acceptable with all users…… That post and others have since been deleted; just as I am expecting this one to also be deleted.


Indeed - welcome to China.