No video cloud upload

My video stopped uploading to the cloud. I’ve emailed support multiple times and they just keep telling me to delete the cameras and add them again. I’ve done that but it’s still not working. Everything shows it’s active but it’s still not working.

Things to check if the active cloud service is not uploading videos:

  1. Check if the cameras are added to the active cloud subscription.
    • Tap on Account >Tap on Manage>Tap on Arrow facing right > Select camera and next.
  2. Check if cloud upload is turned on from the settings.
    • Go to the Settings > Tap on My cloud
    • Check if the Video Upload Service is toggled on.
  3. Check if motion detection is turned on from the settings (if the cloud subscription is motion detection type).
  4. Check if the account has the right type of cloud(wire-free is not compatible with cloud CVR)
    If you still experience the issue, please reach out to us on the email listed below so our customer support can help you out: