No sound from recordings on Yi home 1080p

Hello I have the YI smart home camera 1080p, when I record footage from the camera and save to my phone it doesn’t have any sound. I’ve tried formatting the sd card, deleting the app and redownloading, deleting the camera and reconnecting it to the app but still I can’t get sound. The sound works fine when using play back etc. any advice on how to fix this issue please?

Great question @Bevangeleyes89! Thanks for coming to the forum for more info.

Make sure your Mic is enabled and download the video, then you should get sound when you download directly to your phone. Each camera will have its own settings, so go into each camera you want sound for downloaded video and enable the microphone.

This is definitely a glitch with the Yi Home app and it is extremely frustrating. Many users online are experiencing the same problem, and it is not due to the mic not being enabled as keeps being posted by the company.

The videos play fine with audio when viewing by scrolling on the timeline in the app. This shows that it is not an issue with the mic not being enabled, as keeps being said. The problem is within the app. Once you want to record something from the timeline, despite being able to hear the audio while you are recording, as soon as that file is downloaded it has no sound. This is a longstanding glitch that has yet to be fixed by the company.

I’m tired of having to record the video from my phone video watching the video from another device… Please fix this issue so I can record it from the device it is playing on.