No notification iniPhone 11 iOS 14.2


I have a Yi home camera 720p HD. I have enabled motion detection and getting motion detected inside the app. BUT I am not getting any push notification in my iPhone.I am not even seeing Yi home app in my notification settings. I have tried reinstalling Yi Home app multiple times, even I have tried with Kami home app but none of these giving me push notification. Please help.

The only thing I can think of you checking is on your iPhone and notifications. Have you got them switched on for the Yi Home or Kami Home app.

Check that you haven’t got do not disturb activated as well. Once again in iPhone settings.


Thanks, @YorkshireUser for sharing, @Abhi5, kindly go through the settings on your phone or follow the steps below.

1.Update your phone to the latest software version.

2.Uninstall & reinstall the YI/Kami Home App.

3.Restart your phone.

4.Launch the YI/Kami Home App > Settings > Smart Detection Settings > toggle Motion Detection on. If using a battery camera, launch the Y/Kami Home app > Click inside the camera thumbnail > Click Mode > Motion Detection always On.

5.Access the Settings of your mobile phone > Applications > Application Manager > YI/Kami Home App > Notifications > toggle Allow Notifications on.

6.From the Settings of your mobile phone > tap App Permissions > YI/Kami Home App > toggle Permissions on.

7.Go to Settings > tap Battery > tap the toolbar icon on the top right of the page> tap Optimize Battery Usage > All Apps > YI/Kami Home App > toggle Optimization off.

8.Go to Settings > YI/Kami Home App > toggle Background App Refresh on.

@YorkshireUser Thank you so much for helpful input! Valued member of the community :slight_smile:

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I am using ios not android. Also Yi app not even visible in notifications area. I have done reinstallation multiple times.

Hi @Abhi5! Thanks for the info. Thanks for trying to reinstall the Yi Home app.

We suggest trying to download the Kami Home app from the iOS store and logging in with your Yi Home app credentials. You will have access to all your cameras from the Kami Home app.

Let us know how it goes!

Kami app has the same behaviour like Yi home app. I am not getting notifications options