No alerts when motion is detected

Yi 1080p home camera operating flawlessly for more than a year. Noticed the other day that I wasn’t receiving alerts or notifications when motion was detected. Determined all my settings were correct. Connectivity “good”. Checked FAQ’s…made sure (again) that all my settings were correct. Still nothing. Removed the camera from the app and did a ‘hard reset’. Reinstalled camera in app; checked settings one again. Performed random motion tests. Initially was not receiving any alerts or notifications, but after an hour or so I started receiving them.
Fast forward to today…back to square one…no alerts or notifications.
Important to note that the other 3 Yi cams I have are working fine. Alerts & notifications are being received.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi. I have had this before and the alerts mysteriously just went then they came back overnight. I took no recovery or fix actions I simply left it and they returned.

Like you other cameras operated without issue.

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@Medicineman can you check to see if your app is up to date and update the firmware if able.

Hi Steve.
Just updated app today (iOS 14.3). Firmware is current.

I have logged in to ask the same question. I had to re-charge the batteries, I can see what the camera sees, but no motion activities/alerts are being recorded/notified?

I am also having the exact same issue. The only thing that changed was the my girlfriend and I had just switched over to Iphone 12’s. We use the camera’s to monitor our kids and everything was working flawlessly when i was on my iphone XS Max and she was her iphone 11. All of a sudden they don’t work on the new phones, but my ipad still gets notified of motion. Is there still no fix to this?

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I am also having issues with no notifications from the Yi Home app. I am using an iPhone 6s+, latest IOS update, latest camera firmware, latest app update. This is something I just noticed since I just installed the Yi Home app in trying to debug a Kami app issue. I was told by Yi Technologies support to delete the Kami app and try using the Yi Home app. Using the Yi Home app didn’t fix my previous issue (still going back an forth w/ support on that one), but that’s when I noticed that I was not receiving notifications on my phone. I did the whole list of things to fix the notification issues (reboot phone, reinstall app, delete/reset/reinstall camera). The only thing I didn’t do was reformat the mem card. I may get around to doing that, but I’ve already spent too much time trying to debug this issue so I’ll wait until the problem is resolved.
By the way, I have 7 cameras configured and none of them trigger notifications. When I went back to the Kami app, I received notifications, but I only get a badge that displays the number 1. I seem to remember that in the past, the total of notifications was displayed in the icon badge.
And just to let you know, the only reason I use the Kami app was because I was told by Yi support to use the Kami app to resolve a previous problem with the Yi Home app from last year when Yi tried to revamp the user interface and broke several features.

I’m not receiving alerts from one camera but I am on other one?

I had same problem what worked for me was alter your time zone then back to the correct time zone