No 4g connection Xperia XZ1 android 9, but works fine on older Xperia XZ android 8


Just obtained a cam and YI app.

main phone is a Sony Xperia XZ1 on Android 9

Installed app, camera works fine on Wifi, but when on 4g/mobile network get the “connection is abnormal, check network” message on Mobile network. (UK EE with signal strong).

Tried the app and my sim card in my much older Xperia XZ running android 8 and no issues works fine on both Wifi and 4G

Have tried re-installing app and camera, cleared caches, changed network settings to 3g and even 2g, but still get same message.

Just baffled why I cant stream on a newer, more powerful phone than my old previous one…

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks

Hey @fishinasombrero Thanks for coming to the community forum. I am sorry to hear you’re having connection issues. May I ask where you are located?