Night vision not working

I’ve used my wireless Kami successfully for one week with no issues. After charging the batteries for the first time the night vision no longer works. It just produces dark grainy images. I’ve not changed any settings so would like to know why this my be occurring? Any help appreciated

You may need to reset it. Did the camera fully discharge with the previous power?

No it didn’t fully discharge it just sent a warning to charge batteries as they were low/. I’ll reset and look again tonight then

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Ok keep the forum update. You could also try simulating a night time scenario by place the camera indoors in a darkened area and seeing what the image quality is like. Maybe give the glass a good clean.

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Hey @Drice1971 Thanks for coming to the forum for assistance. Yorkshire is one of our stellar moderators and VERY familiar with troubleshooting cameras.

Let us know how everything goes and if we need escalate it internally, we will.

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Restart did not work please see screenshot from last night

Normal daylight shot is ok but night vision has stopped working when it once did

Looping in @Steven_Kami

Hi Yorkshire, any suggestions?

The only other thing I did was carry out a software update. Could this have caused the problem ?

If you have reset it and there is no change. Looking at the screen grab you have provided it looks like either the infrared lights are not working: switched off or they are faulty.

From what you’ve said they are enabled in the app.

Did you try the inside test - I.e simulating night time conditions/environmental?

What is the outside light like? I assume it is dark enough for the infrared night vision to illuminate?

Outside conditions are good IR switched on in the APP. As soon as local street light turns off around 1.00am the night mode does not work.

Does the infrared led illuminate? If you could test indoors it may help diagnose what is wrong here.

It sounds like hardware.

What does the IR light look like ? White?

Went to a closed room and a red ring of lights appeared around the lens… I assume this it the IR Light?
It seems to work at a close distance as you will see on the attached but and further away does not illuminate like it did when I first had the device. Any suggestions (or won’t let me upload the video)

Hey guys - apologies for the delay. Was away for the day so just getting caught up tonight. I am sorry to hear you’re having night vision issues. That’s frustrating.

I am going to bring this to our support and engineering team. If you have any questions let me know and I will jump in and do whatever I can.

thanks for your patience. I will be in touch touch soon with an update.

Oddly enough, after using the cam in a completely black room and forcing the IR on, last night in the moonlight it appears to be better !!! See screenshot

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Thanks for the update! Still working with our team for a little more info. Keep us posted on any changes and thank you for sharing the helpful screenshots! :slight_smile:

Started working after resetting and deleted app and reinstalled camera as a new one! However just took out batteries to charge and once again now they are put back in the Night vision does not work!!! Does this help as I don’t want to reinstall the cam every week

Oh NO! Can you try resetting and deleting/reinstalling the camera again? I would also update the firmware and app to the most current version.

Let me know how it goes.