Night vision not working on Yi Home Camera

Hi all, so I have 2 Yi Home Cameras. One of them works fine at night but the other one is causing trouble.
When I have the Night Vision Setting on and I turn the room lights off, the night vision lights on the camera blink for half a second and then the blue indicator light turns yellow.

Things I have tried,

  1. Resetting the night vision setting.
  2. Changing the cables and power supply to the one that was working.
  3. Resetting and reinstalling camera on app.
  4. Updating firmware.

Please help!
Thanks in Advance

Hi, we would like to fix this. As we don’t have your email address, can you please write to us at so that we can help you better. We look forward to your email.

I have the same problem the last two weeks, camera works fine Dawn until dusk, no recordings after dusk, I can find Infered setting but no toggle setting for night vision, was all working perfect before… any ideas anyone.

Hi Grob,
So I shared a video of my issue with the Kami Home support team. When you record your camera with you phone, you’ll see the infrared lights for night vision. Here is what they told me.

  1. This probably happened because of Power Surges. (quite possibly the cause in my case as we have power surges and outages in my area)
  2. Since it is not a software problem, the only solution is camera repair or replacement.
    Hope this helps

Hi there,
Where is the night vision setting???
I can only find the Infrared setting on mine.
All was working fine before.

You can find the night vision settings in the Settings menu of the camera.

  1. Open Yi Home app, and from the bottom bar select home.
  2. Here you should see all the cameras that you have installed. On the bottom right corner of each camera is a hexagon (settings icon). Open the settings for the specific camera.
  3. From this menu open Camera Settings and there you will see Night Vision IR Light setting.

If the version of your app is different from mine, it might be slightly different, but from the looks of it. Infrared Setting is the same as Night Vision Setting.