Night vision clicking

Hi. I have a 1080 Dome camera. It makes a loud clicking noise when switching to night vision (and back again). This happens several times when it’s dusk. It’s too dark not to have night vision turned on… Any ideas?

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How loud? I’m just wondering. When they restart they kind of make this click sound but not loud. Just a mild sounding click. Does your camera perform well, aside from the clicking sound you mentioned?

I have a dome cam installed inside a window sill looking out a bedroom window. When the room is quiet in the morning and the light is changing, the night vision clicks several minutes while the light adjusts enough to keep the day mode on. In a quiet room it can be noticeable.


My 4 dome cameras Do the same. A very noticeable click sound switching between infrared and standard lens. Can this be fixed with firmware?

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Hi Dan, sorry this can’t be made quieter with a firmware update.

Hello, what about disable IR lens switching in settings? Because I have it for newborn baby near window and at the morning Clicking sound is really annoing and camera switching lenses maybe 30 times, depends on tree and sun / clounds. Not possible sleep close to camera :confused:

I have Yi Home camera 1080p

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Hey @mtrakal does it still click if you turn off the IR light in the app settings?

@Kami_Mark yes, it make clicking noise when IR is off:

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We have the same issue. Using this as a baby monitor and it clicks back and forth in a room where nothing is moving or changing. I wish that we could tone down the sensitivity as the image is clear both with and without night vision active.

@mtrakal and @bgould I checked with our head of tech support and it is normal for cameras to make a click when switching into night vision. I will raise the sensitivity concern and perhaps we can adjust the threshold at which the camera switches from day into night vision.

what about add the possibility to disable switching lenses? I don’t need for baby sitter night vision BW lens, but need absolutely silent mode :slight_smile:

Hey @mtrakal unfortunately there is no setting in the app to do that.

Hello. I see that issue with clicking still not resolved. Purchased camera week ago. Last two days it starts clicking. Even if lights in the room is on it switching to night vision then back to normal. So annoying. Sometimes it clicking very often, about 20 times per minute. Back and forth. How to fix this? Thank you!

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I have the same issue, and it’s not related to dusk or dawn. The camera frequently switches in a living room with consistent lighting. If anything, the only variance is sometimes a tv in the room (not visible on the camera, but casting some light).

The piercing/snapping click really impacts the experience. I’m looking at other manufacturers as a result of the lack of a fix.

I have the same annoying issue, although it appears to be during IR operation, it is on an hourly cycle. Last night, the loud clicking would happen at 19 minutes past the hour (every hour). It would LOUDLY click, video would flash, then about 5 or 6 seconds later click again. Then after a minute or two, would go through the same cycle about 5 times each hour. Very loud and annoying, last night was the first night I had the camera monitoring with sound on all night. If there is not a fix to this noise, I probably will need to purchase something different, the clicking defeats the purpose of a monitor.

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Exact same thing. I bought 30 sets of these cameras for a newborn class that I was apart of about 2 months ago. I’ve been using these cameras for about 2 months now and I’ve been falling tbos thread. My issue is the same, sensitivity it far to much. My newborn awakes from the clicking. To an adult, its isn’t bad, but to a newborn, far too loud. If there isn’t a resolution to this asap. We will be returning and canceling all Cloud subscriptions.

I will try to open the camera to cut something to avoid this clicking noise… I don’t need night vision. Bad idea or not? (I would prefere a firmware update to solve this problem).

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Not a surprise, I came here because of a few keyword google search. “Goowl camera clicking” there were two other forums with similar reports and then this one dated back 6+ months ago. Still no resolve.
I bought two in an attempt to use them for baby monitoring also. The clicking completely interrupts any still environment. Dont seem to be working on a resolution anytime soon either.

I wish I had read this forum first before buying this product.

Any updates on this?

I tried turning off the IR setting but it’s still switching between normal and night vision. Does this option not actually do anything? Makes the device completely unusable as it keeps on waking my baby.

It would be great if either setting would just stay on and for it not to click between the two.

This clicking sound is normal for such a camera. It generally is not related to IR sensors enabled or otherwise. All of my internal Yi cameras do it.

Take a look at this information from a different brand as to what you are experiencing.