New YI home cameras - Static Noise

I have 3 new YI Home Camera 1080p (1 I got today). All of them have horrible static noise on the live feed.

I have a 3+ year old YI Home Camera 2 that this has always been an issue & never resolved.

My two other 3+ year old cameras (YI Home Camera 720p & YI Dome Camera 720p) work just fine.

I see others have had this exact same issue. Has anyone resolved it? Thank you for your help.

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Can you take a look at the second post on this thread: 1080p YI Camera crackling/static sound?

It’s from @Steven_Kami. Could you follow through the asks in this post and add them to your thread please.


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What is the power source to the camera? I am using the power supply that came with the cameras.

Did this happen when powered by the cable we sent with the camera? Yes! I even tried using different cables & have the same issue.

Is the Wifi Router set to 2.4ghz or 5g? I have both 2.4ghz & 5ghz.

What about your phone? I have both an android phone (android 10 OS) & iPhone (IOS 14.4). Both experience the same static sound.

Newer phones will pick up 5g has a default setting. Try connecting to 2.4ghz. I have tried doing this & makes no difference. Even hear the static sound when using mobile network.

How far away from the wifi router are the cameras? 1 of the cameras in in the room with the router. Another is across the hall & one directly underneath on the floor below.

How many walls inbetween the cameras and the wifi router? 1 of the cameras there is nothing in-between. 1 has 2 walls. And 1 has a floor/ceiling.

I have moved the cameras into different rooms. I have reset them. I even brought 1 of them to another home & set it up. No matter what I do I still get the static sound.

Thanks for this. Do you have any strong magnetic devices near the cameras and or router? For example a microwave oven, audio speakers, television, air conditioning and the like?

I accept you have to use the cameras in a real world environment but if you could try to move one of the cameras to a room which is relatively free of other electronics it would help.

I’m not sure if the age and quality of your mains electrical wiring could impact the audio on the sensitive cameras.

@Steven_Kami any other ideas on this issue or is it one for engineering / technical support? Cheers.

Hey @Robosledge Can you test placing the camera in other areas of your home to see if the problem is reproduced?

When this has come up for a user in the past, this was something that helped resolve the issue.

Also, do you have any smart light bulbs in the room that the camera is located?

Thanks so much for your patience and assistance. You’ve come to the right place!

I have moved the cameras to different rooms & different parts of the home (even tried someone else’s home). Doesn’t seem to make a difference. Always has static sound. The 2 cameras that are really bad are both in bedrooms without much anything else electronic wise. No smart lightbulbs, no smart TVs or other devices.

I should add that 2 of my older cameras (both 3+ years old) work just fine.

Hey @Robosledge Let me send you a direct message and we will make sure you’re taken care of. I am so sorry for any inconvenience as a result.

OK. Not a problem. Thank you for all your help with this matter.

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Just following up on this. It has been over a month & still no resolution to the static problem. Thank you.

Hey @Robosledge thanks for your patience. I am going to send you a direct message about this. Get you taken care of.

I too am having the same problem with both of my cams. I’ve tried everything and it still does it. I am a cloud subscriber and I am using the everything that was provided in the box. Please help! The sound is a feature I would like to work.

Hey @WrenA I am sorry to hear you’re having this issue. Please contact our support team at and let them know you’re a cloud subscriber. They will get this straightened out or a replacement sent out to you. Many thanks for your patience.