New Arrival from Yi

Just arrived today.

Can’t wait to try it out

New PTZ camera

I believe I was the 4th to purchase it :smile:


Enjoy. :slight_smile:

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Awesome! @Brian Enjoy indeed!

I have one in my home (got to test it out before going to market :wink: )

I think it’s an awesome addition to our product line. I thoroughly enjoy having it set up. The motion sensor works incredibly well. I keep my garage door open often, so this is were I mounted the camera. Motion detection was tracking my neighbor across the street walking her dog after the sun had gone down. It was incredible to watch the footage.

Have fun! And, have a great day!

Yes. The tracking is very impressive, the light is quite good and the smart colour night vision us good…

Happy they included the variable speed playback on this Yi, very much a deal breaker if not featured.

The speaker on it is very very good. It’s a multiple in volume of either speaker with the regular kami or Yi outdoor.

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The smart color night vision is incredible. And, variable speed back is something that we know our customers have been really interested in. Glad that its already having impact. Very cool stuff! Thanks for updating the forum.

How much are these? When will they be in the uk?

I got the first one on pre release 1 per customer and ordered a second one when the went on general sale from the Yi store official on ali express.

I paid €55 for it and 52 for the subsequent one. An absolute steal. . That said I have a pretty favorable rate on ali express as I probably spend between 6 and 8 thousand euro a year on it!

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Can you power them via usb?

Using Outdoor Power Kit 2 Gang Switched so don’t have lots of room for a plug

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No Gary. These are powered by a plug, as the power required for the built in light and camera movement is likely too high for USB

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A transformer type plug?

Yes. And a euro one at that so needs an adapter

Mounting the camera to an outdoor junction box with plug connections inside would sort it

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Any idea when it may be available in the uk?

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Why don’t you sell these in the YI shop

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It would be nice to have a corner bracket available for this camera

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What did you use? Does it have to have a transformer type plug?

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Yes comes with a EU transformer plug and a port to take a cat 5 cable from the router if you choose.

I used a UK euro adapter on the plug and didn’t bother with the cable from the router as the WiFi connection is very good where it is

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There are brackets available on the market that will suit this if you want it on a corner of a building

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Nice where did you buy it ? AliExpress?

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Yes, from the “Yi Official store”

They’re good to deal with if there are warranty issues and usually best price

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Found the brackets on eBay where do they get the price’s from a bit folded metal

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