need round ceiling mount for 1080P dome cameras

I want to mount two of my 1080P Dome Cameras on the ceiling and cannot find the thin, round plastic mounts that came with the cameras. Can someone assist?

You could check out " iMusk 2 Pack Wall Mount Stand Bracket Holder for Yi 1080P Home Camera" and ask if the mounts accomodate Yi Dome cameras.

I used two flathead screws. First I put the screws into a small piece of Masonite so I could get the spacing exactly right and test how well the camera would mount. Because the screws protruded through the Masonite I took the Masonite with screws and pushed into the ceiling to mark where the screws should go. Then I carefully screwed the screws into the ceiling drywall maintaining the threaded hole. Because the camera isn’t heavy it should hold, but just in case I put a long screw into the ceiling joist nearby and anchored the USB power cable to that with a wire tie. The shape of the flathead screw head allows it to fit under the semicircular guides on the camera and rotating the camera base over the screws locked it in place.

Nicely done @dmcdivitt Thanks for sharing with the community.