My camera is not recording to cloud

Hi I have your house cameras and I’ve bought the subscription for the cloud and I don’t know why it won’t let me record or do anything as I paid 20£ 2 times for nothing as I can’t playback I’m not even sure if they are recording to the cloud or anything please help

Hi paul.

Have you added the cameras to your paid cloud plan?

See here for instruction on how to do this:

If you have @Steven_Kami or @Kami_RA will help you get this sorted.

Or you may wish to contact

Hope this helps.

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You’re my hero @YorkshireUser!

Let us know if this helps @Paul2, if still having problem. Email Then, if you have time, direct message me the ticket # so I can follow up with support.

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Yes I’ve added them and it still will not record it’s been like this for weeks And nothing

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You would be best to email YI Support for further guidance. They may need to check your account.

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