Motion - Just Bugs?

I installed a YI home camera in our yard after losing a few chickens to some kind of predator. The problem I’m having now is the motion detection goes off ALL NIGHT LONG because of bugs – insects I mean – but is NOT capturing larger motion. Brief flash of a bug passing by the camera? Got it … about 20 times every night. But my son and I walking around the chicken pen, catching chickens to cut their flight feathers? Nope. Not a single frame of that. I don’t understand how a split-second pinpoint of motion can trigger the motion capture, but two full-gown guys chasing a dozen chickens will not. And I have housecats who wander through that area all the time, and never get picked up. If it’s not picking up a cat in broad daylight, how can I assume it would pick up a skunk or raccoon raiding the chicken coop for eggs? Or worse, capture whatever bent my wire fence down to the ground, came in and killed some of the chickens? If it’s not going to capture those things, I have no use for this camera … I don’t need to see how many bugs come to investigate at midnight, 12:15, 1:30, 1:50, 2:10, … etc. It’s exhausting reviewing and deleting all of those insect alerts, and if I’m not going to get the “big stuff” anyway, there’s no point in me having this.

I have the motion sensitivity set to MED, and alert frequency set to MED. If there’s a better setting, I’m all ears. But I don’t want to make it MORE sensitive if all I’m going to get are more bugs, and I don’t want to make it LESS sensitive to the bugs if I’m not even getting major motion at medium. Seems like a Catch-22, so advice is welcome.

Hey @DDearing Thanks for the thorough feedback. I am sorry to hear you’re having troubles with motion detection. I would give Low frequency a try and leave alerts set to medium.

Also, have you tried changing camera placement to something more direct? It can be helpful to test different camera placements to see how the motion detection performs.

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