Motion detection stopped working after firmware update

I downloaded the required firmware updates for my four cameras yesterday. Since then the motion detection is not working. Normally the cameras will detect motion and save those clips on the timeline for later viewing. If they detect a human, I would receive a notification to my phone. Since the firmware update, nothing. No motion recordings, no notifications. I have gone into the settings for each camera and have confirmed that nothings has changed in terms of the settings.

Can this problem be fixed or can the firmware update be rolled back? We have had these cameras for years and never had this problem.

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Welcome to the Yi experience.

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Im also having the same issue. Any luck resolving it?

same here @steven_kami any comments… lack of any responses means only one thing by the looks of it… cameras are near on useless now


Not sure it’s related, but I emailed Yi customer support last week about the 6-second alerts and thumbnail previews no longer working and they unfortunately responded with this:

Thank you for contacting Kami Vision and YI Support.

Recently, the MANUFACTURER of your camera brand decided to opt out of our YI IoT app service contract. This decision made by your camera manufacturer caused our app to be unable to fully support all the app features for your camera, such as:
-the ability to playback the 6-second clip alerts
-update the camera to maintain app compatibility

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My cameras haven’t got any firmware updates after 2018 and they have supported app features just fine until now… They can roll back the changes that broke the functionality if they wanted.

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Hello to all,
6seconds memory has a price cost. They block it only to convert us to pay cloud services. We need only a push message, not all 6 seconds!!! If the internal hardware can detect Human body we don’t want to pay more.

Why we have to pay for features present inside the cam hardware?