[Mac OS] Yi Home Application

Installed but upon successful login doesn’t find any camera paired to the account.
On Windows 10 PC everything works as expected.
Does the application on MacOS actually work?


@esraohl I was able to locate your account on our back end. The account was created in the region of Europe (Italy). In order to see your camera, you will need to change the region to Europe on the login screen for the MAC OS app. Please refer to the screenshots provided below.

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Solved, Thank You !!!

worked for me too! great!

this does not work for me, I have had the camera for almost a year, and I have not been able to get it to work on Mac, I have the region configured correctly, but it keeps telling me that I do not have any camera associated with my account, any solution?

I live in Curacao, Carribbean Netherlands. I triede all three options in the login page; but still I get:
“You do not have any camera paired to this account. pair a YI Home/Dome camera on your mobile app first.”
I have 2 cameras set up that work fine in my phone app (iOS).
Any other trick I can use?
Maybe you can change my region to USA for me?