Lost preview option on one of my two cameras

H have the Yi Home App version 5.5.8 on an iPhone. I have 2 Yi Home cameras. I have had this setup for 3 years or so. I have always been able to click on each camera in the “cameras” page, see a live view on the top of the screen and a preview (1 frame) of the motion-recorded videos below.

Starting a day or two ago, I can still see the preview of motion recorded videos of the first camera, but they do not appear for the second camera. Instead there is a white screen with the following text: “You can still watch your Kami Cloud or SD Card video using the timeline above”. Indeed, if I slide the timeline I can watch the video, but I want to have the previews so I can pick which motion recorded video I am interested in!!! What is the deal?

Hello @okahn! Welcome!
This issue is quite odd… especially since it’s only happening on 1 camera. If you haven’t already, you can try deleting the camera in question, resetting it, and then pairing it back to the app. If the issue persists, I may suggest contacting the support team for further assistance. You may send them an email at Support@yitechnology.com.

@Alvin_Kami this is NOT an odd situation. Please do not pretend it is. I have heard from numerous @yi users who have been tricked by Yi. @Alvin_Kami Please tell people the truth. Folks if you sign up for their free cloud trial and cancel without subscribing you loose your free clip that you paid for as part of your camera purchase price. This illegal bait and switch practice has happened to many including myself. I have been going back and forth with Yi about the ethics of this and how this is not allowed in America. @yi will not tell you this before the free trial while trying to get your money. @Alvin_Kami prove me wrong! I have emails and receipts to prove this. I have even contacted @Amazon and @Amazon has opened an investigation into this shady practice. I suggest you do the same so others don’t get robbed like we have been. @SeanDa is the CEO. @Yamin are you able to prove me wrong