Lost preview option on one of my two cameras

H have the Yi Home App version 5.5.8 on an iPhone. I have 2 Yi Home cameras. I have had this setup for 3 years or so. I have always been able to click on each camera in the “cameras” page, see a live view on the top of the screen and a preview (1 frame) of the motion-recorded videos below.

Starting a day or two ago, I can still see the preview of motion recorded videos of the first camera, but they do not appear for the second camera. Instead there is a white screen with the following text: “You can still watch your Kami Cloud or SD Card video using the timeline above”. Indeed, if I slide the timeline I can watch the video, but I want to have the previews so I can pick which motion recorded video I am interested in!!! What is the deal?

Hello @okahn! Welcome!
This issue is quite odd… especially since it’s only happening on 1 camera. If you haven’t already, you can try deleting the camera in question, resetting it, and then pairing it back to the app. If the issue persists, I may suggest contacting the support team for further assistance. You may send them an email at Support@yitechnology.com.