Kami wireless outdoor camera

Ordered 2 Kami cameras one paired with no problem what so ever but the other one keeps saying “pairing timed out rest camera” have done this multiple times and still nothing has worked… anyone else having problems with their Kami cameras ??

Hey @vaviles Welcome to the community! Thanks for joining.

Can you hard reset the camera that is having issues then try again?

Yes I have also tried that but still nothing has changed.

Have you opened up a ticket with our customer support team?

If not, please email support@yitechnology.com with your issue and a link to this forum thread.

Please keep us posted to your progress.

Tow issues I have run into:

  1. Never log in through Facebook or anything other than your YI account, EVER. The FB oauth chains have never worked properly and you will never be able to use this across apps without issues.

  2. The cameras only operate at 2.4 ghz. If your router uses both 2.4 and 5 ghz broadcast simultaneously (which most do now, including xfinity) you might have some hoops to jump through, because your phone or computer is on the different frequency. They only need to be on the same frequency for the initial pairing.

Best results are to delete any cameras you have already added and start over, and only login in via YI account and use QR code scans via the app. I personally can only get them to pair if I force my router to disable the 5 ghz broadcast, but I have a specialized router, and they work fine after they are paired.

Yes I have, I haven’t gotten any response back from them it’s been 5 days. I also found a phone number for YI customer service but all they wanted was my credit card information???

@vaviles what phone number did you call? Please only send emails to support@yitechnology.com

Do you have a ticket number? I can follow-up with our support and find out the status of your inquiry.

“Kami technical support 1-844-878-1584”

Hey @vaviles This is no longer a number associated with Kami Home. Please do not use this number.

To contact our support team, please email support@yitechnology.com