Kami wireless outdoor camera issue

My wireless camera lost his connection at some point. Initially I thought the batteries were dead so I charged them. When I reinstalled the batteries though indicator light will only show purple when I push the button, it does the same thing when I hit the reset button with a paperclip. It will not allow itself to do anything else. Is there a way to master reset it or am I doing something else wrong?

Hey @Bigalblu2 welcome to the forum! It’s great to have you here :+1:

Can you please check the position of the batteries inside the camera. The positive end of all four batteries should be facing downward, like in the photo below.

If the batteries are placed correctly and the light is still showing solid purple please let me know!

The batteries are correct, all positives are facing down and the light remains purple

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m guessing you charged the batteries until the lights on the charger turned green?

Let me check with the tech support team and either myself or Patrick will get back to you soon.

Yes charged them all fully in the provided charger and installed them all correctly.

Hi @Bigalblu2 please email customer support with this as the email subject line:

Purple Battery Light Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Ticket #440823

We will look into whether the camera is still under warranty for replacement.


Same freaking problem AGAIN… what is wrong with your cameras and why can’t you guys just fix the issue???

Hello. The problem is that your external camera lost connection to your network?

Yes as previously stated in same forum thread. Now it only shows the purple indicator light when trying to reset.

You’d be best to contact https://kamihome.com/contact/