Kami Wire Free Outdoor Camera Live Stream does not work Only 1 second every minute

My Kami outdoor wire free camera used to work great. I could stream video live or watch it off my sd card. One day live stream stopped working. Camera connects fine to the wirless. then when I open the app it takes forever for the live view to appear. It then only streams for 1 second then in a minute it will update the view for 1 second. I still get notifications of motion on my phone. I can also go and watch the 6 second clip stream live from the camera.

Sometimes I get the notification on the app that that stream has poor wife connection but it will say that when it is sitting next too my wireless AP. My indoor Yi cameras are all on the same network and they work great. I have tried everything, please help, I need to see a live view of my kids in the backyard. I used to but again, it just stopped working one day.

Hey @wakko98 Thanks for coming to the forum for some helpful tips and more info on how to make the most out of your camera :slight_smile: we’re glad to have you around!

How far away from your wifi router is the camera?
How many walls in between the camera and the router?
What are those walls made of?

It does sound like a connection issue to me. I recommend adding a wifi extender as close the wire free camera as you can. You can test by bringing the camera closer to the router and test connection. If connection is good, you should def consider adding a wifi router as close as you can to your outdoor cam.

Keep me posted on how your testing goes.

this all happens with my AP/ Router 3 feet away with no obstructions. It is a programing issue with the camera. My guess is firmware as nothing changed in my setup and it started doing this one day.

Hey @wakko98 I think the next best step is to contact our support team at suppot@kamihome.com. If the cameras are ultimately defective, we can replace the cameras if still under warranty.

I have the same problem should I contact support too?