Kami Outdoor wireless + Solar Panel

Hello Everyone
I have one of the kami wireless cameras, but the battery life is too short, the best idea is to add a solar panel to recharge the battery, but there is no official item.

Has anyone done something similar before?
There are many panels suitable for the purpose, but the lid must be pierced

Hey @Alex78ita great question. Thanks for coming to the community.

That is definitely something that some other community members have discussed.

We are also working internally to find combine solar power option to a camera model. We’re making great progress.

Someone from the forum might have already tinkered around and when I think of tinkering I think of @Swiftrun :wink:

Have you made it to the solar panel testing yet??

i haven’t tried to add solar panel yet
I haven’t calculated what kind of panel you need, the amperage needed to recharge those batteries

if you are studying another camera, also study how to transform the existing one

Hello, I am a new Kami/Cove camera user. I went with Cove for a couple of reasons but one main reason was that I liked the wireless outdoor cameras. I currently have 4 next generation Cove/Kami outdoor cameras that can charge via the mini USB port and the supplied power cord. I was told by Cove (and now I find lied to) that these cameras can charge with a solar panel. The panel just needs to be mini USB and have the following parameters below. Please help if anyone can. I work five hours away from my wife and child and my wife isn’t capable of climbing up 10’ to recharge these cameras with the provided power cord or remove the batteries to charge them from inside the house. I have argued with Cove to no resolve as they go back and forth telling me these cameras can charge with a solar panel and then they tell me they don’t. I APPRECIATE ANY HELP. Thank you all and I apologize for this lengthy post. My family is my world and are very important to me to keep safe.




Hey @Slwsl Thank you so much for reaching out on the forum. Its incredibly important to us as well to be apart of your plan to help protect those you care for most. I just need a little more information to help get us started.

Do the outdoor cameras you refer to have the USB port available?
If yes, can you try plugging the cameras into a wall outlet to check if there is charging?
What model/manufacturer is your solar panel?
Have you tried other solar panels or just one?

Thanks for help getting this resolved. We appreciate your patience and support.

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Thanks for the reply. I do have the mini USB port on the bottom of the wireless outdoor camera. I can plug in the supplied power cord to the mini USB port and the camera works and charges without issue. These cameras are the new generation that have the battery pack not the individual 4. I got the following solar panel below to try thinking that it would be sufficient. It is 2watts 5volts. It works for wyze cameras. I have not tried any other solar panel. When I plug the fully charged solar panel into the mini USB port the camera immediately goes limp and no longer works until I remove the solar panel cord from the port

[Updated Version] Wasserstein Solar Panel Compatible with Wyze Cam Outdoor - Power Your Surveillance Camera continuously with 2W 5V Charging (1-Pack, Black) (Wyze Cam Outdoor NOT Included) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08VHTVNDM/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_SFAQ64AH4QY1F9871MXX?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

Thanks for sending this info over. I have shared it with our team as we are looking into it further.

Have you tested the solar panel on another device to make sure the panel is operational?

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I have not. I don’t really have anything else to try. I tried one solar panel that has been charged . I have 3 more I suppose I could try to charge and see if any of those work. It’s kind of tough for me because I’m currently on the other side of my state working and I don’t know when I will be back home (hense the reason for solar panels) lol. I hope I’ll be back sometime this month coming up. It would be nice to know of a panel I can just get for my four cameras and just be done with each of them. Thank you again for all of your help. It means a lot.

Thanks for the update @Slwsl let me get some info and get back to you

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I was able to get back home for a couple of days. I tried two separate solar panels with the same specs as I provided above from the same manufacturer on two separate outdoor cameras. Both cameras were fully charged as we’re both of the solar panels and I still get the same end result. As soon as you plug the micro USB connection into the camera it goes offline and dies. I even tried to connect the solar panel first to the camera with the battery pack removed and then plugging in the battery pack and still got the same end result. Needless to say I am returning the panels. I am going to keep the Kami/Cove cameras (model YWS 12020) as they are great and work great with the cove system. Only downfall is no solar and I have to keep charging them. I look forward to your results back and will work or try ANYTHING to get these puppies solar powered! Thanks again

@Slwsl your feedback is much appreciated! And, your patience as well. Thanks for sharing your results from tests. Next week, I am going to check in with the team to see what our options are to get you back on track with solar panel power.

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@Steven_Kami idk if you are a biblical man but God bless you. Thank you for everything you are doing. It’s a shame Cove support wasn’t taking care of me like this. Thank you to you and all at Kami from my family and I. Looking forward to hearing back from you and thank you for the update.

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Hey @Slwsl Thanks for your patience while we look further into this. I have shared with our team the exact solar panel you purchased so we can get one in house and start testing. I will have more information for you tomorrow :slight_smile:

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@Steven_Kami thank you again. I can’t stress how important it is that I can charge these cameras with solar power. Thank you for the update. I will add that if you need me to be a guinea pig and try a panel out before it can be approved for everyone to use with these cameras id be willing to do that.

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Appreciate your kindness. Thank you so much for your patience and support. I will update you shortly with more info :slight_smile:

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How’s it going? Just seeing if you and the team have made any progress? Thanks for any update.

@Steven_Kami hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I was wondering how it was going with the solar panel pursuit and if there was any updates?

Hey @Slwsl Thanks for your patience. I do apologize for my delay. I was out of office last week on PTO. Good to be back!

I just got an update on this issue today actually. I chatted with our QA team and they tested a number of different solar panels and everything worked as intended. I asked if they purchased the solar panel I sent them to test (the one you are using) and that had not been purchased yet. I have asked them to make it a priority and should have the solar panel you are using in office tomorrow to test.

If at all helpful, I can get a list of solar panels that have been tested by our QA team and share that as well.

I will update you as soon as we test the panel. Again, your patience is greatly appreciated. I will have an answer for you this week

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@Steven_Kami that’s fantastic news and I figured you probably had some time off. There is no need to test the panels I had. I returned them. I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide me with the panels that work and also if there is one you specifically recommend. Thank you for doing all of this for me and your customers. I really appreciate the help. Kami has so far been a great company to do business with. Too bad my customer experience wasn’t the same with my security company that uses Kami outdoor wireless cameras.

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You, sir, are very kind. I greatly appreciate your kind words and understanding.

This solar panel has been tested thoroughly and works well with our outdoor cam.


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