Kami Outdoor wireless + Solar Panel

Hello Everyone
I have one of the kami wireless cameras, but the battery life is too short, the best idea is to add a solar panel to recharge the battery, but there is no official item.

Has anyone done something similar before?
There are many panels suitable for the purpose, but the lid must be pierced

Hey @Alex78ita great question. Thanks for coming to the community.

That is definitely something that some other community members have discussed.

We are also working internally to find combine solar power option to a camera model. We’re making great progress.

Someone from the forum might have already tinkered around and when I think of tinkering I think of @Swiftrun :wink:

Have you made it to the solar panel testing yet??

i haven’t tried to add solar panel yet
I haven’t calculated what kind of panel you need, the amperage needed to recharge those batteries

if you are studying another camera, also study how to transform the existing one