Kami outdoor wireless recording time

I have seen a few posts regarding the limited time these cameras can record and understand that, but my question is why I cannot get a 30 or 60 second recording. I do not have cloud service but didn’t think I would need it with a sad card. I have adjusted the time on several occasions but it stills only records six seconds. Thoughts?

This is strange because with an SD card installed in a Kami Wirefree Outdoor camera you should be able to capture up to 60 seconds in a recording moment.

My only thoughts is to check the brand and class of the SD card. Is the SD card identified by the app and in a good condition (check this within the Storage section of the Camera Settings).

Alternatively you could try to format the SD card again (did you do this when you installed the camera?) via the app - again from the camera settings.

Let us know how you get on.

Hey @Pdxhildreth Thanks for coming to the community and for giving us more detail into your situation.

I am a little unclear on whether or not you are using an SD card with your outdoor cam. Are you using an SD card?

Same issue here. Have you tried setting to 60 seconds?

The camera needs time to download data. Do you get the brown bar when pressing to the screen?

Please be patient for it to load

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thanks for the feedback @garyagh Always helps to have community support :slight_smile: