Kami doorbell quadrant

I recently purchased a Kami camera and mounted it per the instructions. My issue is that the camera seems to be ignoring any input about the quadrants and keeps catching all cars. I have my motion sensor setting at low, and same for the notification frequency but it has become so irritating I want to send this back. Does anyone have similar issues or recommendations to fix this? I live onna busy road and can’t really keep a camera like this that will alert me at every few minutes about cars that are driving. I mean when i click the notification it asks me if it was a real person or not,I click no but it doesn’t seem to decrease the frequency of the false notifications.

You have said yourself that you love on a busy road. With this in mind you need to review how you have positioned your camera. Also this type of technology may not be suitable for your needs as they do alert on motion.

Passing cars are motion no matter what you try to do. This technology is not great for that. And that’s all brands not just Yi.

I would consider reviewing the help files in how best to position your camera and heed the help and guidance and what to avoid.

But if you are pointing a camera onto a busy road with much movement then by design they will alert more than a much quieter road.

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Hey @Arellanog123 Thanks for coming to the forum for some insight on your outdoor camera placement. You definitely have some very valid feedback that others themselves have encountered when trying to find the best placement for their outdoor motion detection camera.

What camera model do you have?
Is it battery powered?
And, are you u a cloud subscriber? Using an SD card?

The reason I ask is because there is a cool down period for battery cameras or cameras not connected to the cloud. The cool down period, for some, is a way to avoid being alerted by each and every passing car.

However, the best thing to try is testing different camera placement options. What goal are you trying to achieve? Is there a certain area that of great interest that would be better served by changing the placement of your camera?

Before taking the step of returning the camera, trying another and ultimately experiencing the same results, it’s recommended to try different placement.

Let us know how it goes!

Ive tried d a few different positions and it never truly worked. I already have a wireless outdoor camera so I’ll probably just buy a second to Co er that location. However, customer support has been in redibly hard to get ahold of. I’ve sent a few emails since 04/21/21 but no response to my request to return the camera. Is there anywhere else to contact? Or any other way to get help? I don’t want to lose out on my refund because of a lack of response.

Hey @Arellanog123 thanks for coming to the community for assistance. I am sorry to hear that the coverage area didn’t quite work out. We’d definitely like to help you and get you another outdoor camera if that is what will work best.

Can you supply me your ticket number you have with our support team? I will follow up and make sure we get the process moving. You will not lose your return window.

Many thanks for your patience and understanding.

I appreciate your help! I do love kami and I am bummed this camera didn’t work for me, but I understand I love on a busy street and none really will work for me(doorbell wise).

I haven’t received a ticket number from support since they haven’t responded to any of my emails. The only thing I have is my order number from my initial order: YI-28551.

Thank you.

Hey @Arellanog123 Let me send you a direct message to se what we can do about moving this along for you. Many thanks for your patience.

I still haven’t received a response. Any update?

Hey @Arellanog123 Please check your inbox for the next steps. Thanks for your patience.