Kami Doorbell hardwired but battery drains

I installed the doorbell per video and instructions. My mechanical doorbell worked fine prior to installation. I checked the voltage at the AC adapter and the outside doorbell wires and it measured 19 volts. I used the chime and wired it in as seen in the photos. I charged the battery and inserted. Doorbell rings, video records. No problem there. The problem is that at about 14 days, the battery is dead and the doorbell goes offline. Take the dead battery out, charge it, everything works. Take the battery out-doorbell is dead. For some reason the hardwire us not running or charging the doorbell. I’m at a loss and would appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks for sharing such detailed feedback. Im sorry to hear you’re having issues with battery being drained when hard wired.

Is your app up to date and have you recently tried updating the firmware on the doorbell cam?

I hard wired my kami doorbell to a 24 volt transformer and it is not charging the battery it just keeps saying low battery…i reached out to cove and the rep said the hardwired option will not charge the battery or provide continuous power and that I’ll still need to charge the door when it dies…i reached out to the kami chat not and received an email with a video of installing but again I have it installed to a 24 volt transformer and it still continues to say low battery and die, is there not a continuous power option available so that I do not have to keep charging the battery??