Kami doorbell going offline

Hi everyone, I recently (2-3 weeks ago) bought the Kami doorbell. I followed the instructions for the install, and everything went smoothly. However, the day after, my camera went offline for no apparent reason. It came back online some time after, then went offline soon after. On the application, the camera displays the following message: “Camera is offline. Please check your network and power connection. (-3006)” and then, “Network unavailable, please check your network settings. (-3003)”.

Here are the relevant facts:
a. I followed the instructions correctly according to the owner’s manual.
b. The battery is fully charged and shows as connected when the camera is online.
c. Even when offline, the camera still rings my mechanical chime when pressed.
d. I already tried to remove my camera from the network and add it again.
e. When the camera goes offline, if I remove it and add it back to my network, it will start working again but only temporarily.
f. I own multiple other Yi cameras connected to the same application and network and they all work correctly without disruptions.
g. The camera is about 6 feet away from the router.
h. The latest firmware is installed on the camera.
i. Cycling power on the camera does not fix the issue.

So far, I can tell that:

  1. The camera is properly installed.
  2. The network is stable and working properly since the router is close and all other cameras are working properly.
  3. The doorbell camera is not dead since even when offline, it can ring my mechanical chime.
  4. It is not an outdated firmware problem.

From what I read on the forum, it seems I am not the only one having this issue but couldn’t find an answer. I was wondering if anybody managed to fix that.

Thank you for reading and helping me.

Customer satisfaction is a priority for Kami Home and we provide 24/7 customer support to our users. We regret that you had an unpleasant experience. Please reach out to us on the email listed below so our customer support can help you out:


I would like to know the fix. I have 3 camera’s that take turns going off line. Say’s same thing. I have even changed out one camera and doesn’t make a difference. Thank you

I will contact your customer support, thank you.

I will let you know here if I figure something out!

Camera’s will pick up things far away, but had a moose come through today, Blink camera made a video, Kami camera - nothing.
Will no pick up animals, people or vehicles in close proximity. I have had it, it seems like junk camera or junk programing.
Larry Anderson