Is there a workaround to reset cameras remotely (when you are away)?

We have five YI Dome cameras at our cabin. They are all on the same wifi network.

At least twice a year, several of the cameras go offline for no apparent reason and will not come back on on their own. Not all cameras go off line, and the cameras that do go offline vary from time to time. Therefore, it appears the issue is NOT an electric outage issue at the cabin, nor does it appear to be an issue with wifi going out (or any other wifi issue). If either of these issues WERE the cause, then ALL the cameras should go out at the same time - but they don’t. It also doesn’t seem to be an issue with any specific camera, because they take turns going out.

The cabin is a 6-hour round trip drive, so the cameras aren’t something we can just unplug/replug or reset when this happens.

Has anyone found a workaround for resetting these cameras remotely? Surely there MUST be some way to do this.

We also have multiple YI Dome cameras in our home. We have this same issue at home - with some of the cameras going offline while others stay on - all connected to the same wifi network. Unplugging and replugging fixes this issue when we’re home, but when we are not home, there is no way to reset these cameras remotely.

The cameras are used for security purposes for when we are AWAY. If they go offline while we are not there to unplug/replug, there just has to be some way to reset them remotely. Otherwise, what good are they?!?!

I thought maybe there might be a way to do this remotely with the router, but again, the wifi doesn’t seem to be the issue.

Seriously hoping someone has a solution for this issue. Thank you in advance for any help.

You could try smart plugs and smart in wall switches

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I am dealing with the same thing right now. Unbelievably frustrating. The whole point to have them up is to be able to watch the apartment while I am out of town! I don’t know what happened but they all went off-line this morning at the same time, it must’ve been a power outage. But in the past anytime of unplugged and re-plugged them back in, they’ve come back online. So it doesn’t make any sense that all of them are just remaining off-line. My friend went to check in on everything and unplugged and replug them in, but I didn’t make a difference. They are blinking blue I can’t remember what that setting means but it’s certainly not connected. She’s unable to fix it because I’m the one with the app on my phone. I might be setting up an Airbnb soon, I’m going to have to use a different brand knowing this problem…

Sounds like wifi problems, not cameras.

I have 4 cameras at our cabin, the power went out and they do not reset, the wifi and power are working. Is there a solution to fix this remotely?