Ios issues on yi home 4.6 version

From Portugal
Same problem the app aftter delete and reinstall don’t work
on iphone 11 with last version of ios (14.6 )
when i try to open it closed instantly

This is a very big failure I already ordered another brand, I won’t wait for them to resolve it, I’m like this for 2 days and no resolution, a shame

Hello Forum - It has been recently reported that after our most recent app update, your Yi or Kami home apps will suddenly crash after opening. First of all, I would like to thank all who’ve come to the forum for more information. We would be lost without the help of the forum. Second, I wanted to let everyone know that our deep is aware of the issue and working hard to get this resolved quickly. As soon as I have more information, I will update the forum. If anyone has any questions for feedback, please submit them on this thread.

Many thanks for your patience. We greatly appreciate your support.

@alpinto1 @Goldenboy


Same here. Poland, iPhone 11, iOS 14.3, app version: 4.6.0
Yesterday, I got to set up my camera after some time of not using it. I was able to set it up and it worked but then, I think the app updated and it was no longer opening. It’s currently shutting down as soon as I’m trying to open. Tried reinstalling, shutting down the phone - nothing works.

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Can you please republish the old version until you get this fixed please ? We all have CAMERAS …… for security reasons. Without this app we can’t access them right ?

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Poland - same issue.

FIX: change iphone language to english uk

I have tried MasterAbe’s recommendation and changed Iphone language to English (UK). Problem solved temporarily.
Now App is running. No need to install cameras again.

same problem on iphone 11! just bought it, it was working fine and then came the update and de app keeps crashing everytime I open it.

I have uninstalled and installed again and it did not work. I`m living in brazil right now.

After language change to UK app is working fine now.
Thanks MasterAbe

yes also i am from Turkey and your app is down is not opening anymore your customer service email doesnt work also your twitter account doesnt response anymore ? What is happening @Steven_Kami

hello all - many thanks for all your feedback and patience.

We are currently working as quickly as possible to address this issue and release a new update.

We expect this new release to by out in the next 24-48 hrs.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Again, thank you for your patience and understanding. We will be in contact with a resolution shortly.

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Totally agree. New update should be withdrawn and previous version should be back in App store until this is fixed.

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Put the language of your iOS in English UK. will fix this issue temporary. better than nothing. :wink:


iPhone Xs (iOS v. 14.6)
Region: Poland
Language: Polish, when changed to English works fine.

I updated iOS to 14.6, beliving that this is the reason - I am updating iOS rarely. Updating did not solved the issue.

Please let us know when problem will be fixed.

Same problem Yi ,Kami I would like to return 8 cameras doorbell camera and refund of premium service. No adequate customer support! Dallas, Texas USA iphone 12, Ipad

Contact the reseller for advice. If you bought through Kami Store US please contact your American based customer support by email.

How do I contact us customer service please

Hello @Chellstern - please contact our support team at

We have released a new App update that resolves this issue. Please check to be sure your apps are to the newest version.

Many thanks for everyones patience. We truly appreciate all your help.

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All is OK now, thx for quick response!

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