Downloaded video not saved in past week.

I will link in @Steven_Kami - I’m not sure if this is related to the issues with Android version of the apps.

If you have a computer you may be able to download the PC or Mac app to download what you need

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Hey @Baylee Thanks for your patience. We are currently working to resolve this issue quickly.

In the meantime, If you’re using an SD card you can use an SD card adapter that is supported with your computer to view the photos and/or videos from the microSD card. After inserting the microSD card into the SD card adapter, they would insert the SD card adapter into their computer. Then you can open the drive on your computer and locate the files on that drive to view the pictures and/or videos.

Hello incredible forum members - thank you for your patience while we fix a the issues those have had sharing clips through WhatsApp and other methods with your family and friends.

Our team has isolated the issue and are on the path to a correcting this error. We are currently testing and improving the new logic.

Testing to confirm all is well takes a little but of time. Our next app update is coming Monday and this will be addressed and resolved. I will remind everyone to update on Monday but wanted to keep you all up to date on our progress.

Thank you for your patience. We really appreciate your help.

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Update did not fix issues with video downloading. Unable to save or view them. Whenever I try to view the video in the album it crashes.

Hey @Baylee thanks for reporting this to our team. Can you delete the app, reinstall and try again?

If the app crashes, can you take a screenshot of the error screens and send them to me?

What is your phone model and operating system?

Many thanks for your patience. Looking forward to your response.

Hi @Steven_Kami

Issue still happening for me. Pressing save photo and video not showing up in gallery. Then if you go into app to try to find them it crashes !

Im on a Samsung s8+

Issue started when I downloaded the update a week or so ago and the latest bug fix didn’t resolve it.

Screenshot_20210603-233743_YI Home|243x500

thank you @Creekside I am sorry to hear you’re having troubles with our app.

We are aware of crash reports and are currently working as quickly as possible to resolve this issue.

Please see forum thread Ios issues on yi home 4.6 version for more information.

A new update will be released very soon.

Some reason the Yi and Kami app for Android is not downloading correctly still. I have tried every different method of using both apps on several devices and noticed that the permissions are denied. I’ve changed the settings so everything is granted on all my devices for both Yi and Kami. Unfortunately this is not the problem. Even with everything granted the apps will not download to any folder and unable to view them. It just shows the same download from over a month ago when the app was working properly. On a different note… I am impressed with the SD card recordings and how they are filed onto the card. It is very easy to navigate and use when I view the SD card on my laptop. Maybe in the future you can add it on the apps with the same format. Please keep up the great work guys and keep us updated.

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Thanks for the kind words @Baylee Have you checked to see if your app is up to date? We just published a new android release that addressed this issue. If you are still having troubles after the most recent update, please let me know and I will report it to the team immediately.

We do our best to continue to address all concerns that come up and we greatly appreciate your assistance. :slight_smile:

We are still having the same problem with downloading and viewing videos from YI and Kami Android apps. Even with the latest updates. 6 different devices we use all have the same problem with both Yi and Kami downloading and viewing videos.

Hey @Baylee Can you go into your app and send us the app version on your device? And, also check the firmware, update the firmware, then send us a the firmware version. Screenshots are okay.

Also, please send us a screenshot of the screen view when you receive the error downloading your video clip.

Where are you located?

Just a few questions to help point us in the right direction :slight_smile:

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Firmware is different on each of the 24 cameras. All of the firmware are up to date.

Also we are located in the United States in Manchester NH

We don’t get a error message. Just whenever we download a video from either the cloud or the SD card it will not save it to the device itself or when it downloads a new video and try to play them it keeps playing the same video from a month ago. It will not play any new videos that have been downloaded since the beginning of May.

Hey @Baylee We have escalated this issue internally and will be monitoring it very closely. Your patience is greatly appreciated. I will be in touch with more information as this progresses.

Many thanks. Hope all is well.

Are you able to send me the old app version from March. I really need to have our cameras to be able to download and save them for security purposes. It’s really hard to pull the SD cards from 24 cameras with a ladder every time we need to save valuable footage. It’s going on 2 months now that we haven’t been able to save our videos.

I am having the same problem now. My phone is android with the latest firmware. Photos and video captured/recorded use to save in my phone’s storage and will show in the gallery. But now it is stored in the app’s album and you cannot even download it directly to your phone. the only way to do it is to upload the photo/video in google drive then download it in your phone’s storage. kindly revert to previous version where I can save captured photo/videos directly to my phone’s storage.

The only way I can save video is to record it off the SD card, view album, select video and then share it to my phone messages and then download it from messages. I can’t figure out what happened to just saving it on the device directly but it hasn’t worked for months now.

Can I clarify your issue is that the camera is not saving to your SD card? If so, how old is the SD card - did it ever work? When was the last time you formatted the SD card?

Have you tried a different SD card in the camera?

What is the brand, class and capacity of the SD card?


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