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There is no change to that. You can view the alerts then play the complete clip. What platform are you using?

If you are using iOS I find it doesn’t work via the alerts option with the camera view (why this is I don’t know but never worked on iOS. Android no issues) but it does from the main alert section for both iOS & Android.

I have tried this just now on iOS and Android and it is working fine. I use SD cards.

Hey @IlAl Thanks for coming to the forum. And, welcome! I am sorry to hear you’ve run into trouble with your timeline and playback. Yorkshire is correct, there has been no change to this feature.

However, there seems to be an issue for iOS users that have not updated there operating system to the most current version.

Are you using an iPhone or Android phone?

I hope you’re having a lovely evening!

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Hello everyone. My name is Noah Hanson and I reside in Minnesota, USA.I have been a Yi camera owner for six months. I have seventeen cameras active overall plus one dashcam. From the forum I am looking to get the greatest performance and the most features out of my cameras. I have signed up for the VIP list and am interested in new products and beta testing.

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Only 17 cameras?.
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Wow! @slikweasel welcome to the community forum! Glad to have another knowledgeable, enthusiastic kami/Yi user on the forum! Thank you for signing up for the VIP list!! That’s awesome.

If you have any questions whatsoever or interested in a particular subject, use the search tool in the forum. Great resource to see what other members have tried.

I’ll take a look at the VIP list and follow-up with you about being added to our beta tester list :slight_smile:

Have a good one!

Hello everyone :slight_smile: I hope you all are doing well! I just created an account but I have three YI dash cameras in our vehicles. I was recently involved in a hit-and-run and the truck that hit me is on video driving off. The license plate isn’t clear enough to make out. Any suggestions on which editing software works best for cleaning up the quality? I’m open to your feedback. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hey @Daves10 Welcome to the community! We are so glad to have another enthusiastic member.

What a crazy story! Hit & runs are no joke. I hope everyone is okay.

I am sure there are some community members who might have some insight on software you can use. Stick around, search the forum, and you’ll find all sorts of helpful information for your cameras :slight_smile:


Why not post the footage to see if anyone can help you?



I think you are going to have a problem in identifying the registration.

Clearly you are in the United States so the police could be different. But it would be worth asking the police constabulary for advice or at least make them aware of the situation who knows that ‘driver’ may have done it to other people. But I agree with @garyagh it doesn’t look like that licence plate is clear at all.

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Thanks for coming to the community for help! And thank you for community members for being so helpful. To make sure we don’t lose any information or this thread get congested. I’ll start a new one and tag everyone and link to the exact post.

This could be a challenge! lets see if we can solve this crime :slight_smile:

Hi all…
Cam Scott here from Nanaimo, BC. I’m a retired Communication professional. Last worked as Communication and E-Government Officer for City of Nanaimo.

I’ve had a Kami Smartcam for a couple of months basically watching my front yard for me. It’s great for keeping an eye out for company arriving or grocery deliveries.

I’d like to add the doorbell camera so I can respond quickly to visitors now that arthritis has slowed me down considerably.

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Welcome to the community @CamKam! We are so glad to have you around.

The community is an incredible place to share your own experiences and learn from others!

If you have questions on a topic, it’s always helpful to do a quick search in the forum to see what others have said about your topic of interest. There is a good change that anything that will come up for you, has been discussed in the forum by others :slight_smile:

Have a lovely day! Again, welcome. we look forward to having you around

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Thanks Steven_Kami. Hope I can be of use…

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Hello I’m Big*Red and this is my 1st home camera set! It’s super helpful, but I don’t understand why is it that 1 of my 4 cameras (indoor) keeps clicking at random? How am I to hide it, if it clicks to out it’s location/existence?

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Hey @BigRed welcome to the community! I will respond to your question in the thread you’ve created :slight_smile:

We are glad to have you as a member of the community! It’s an incredible place to learn and share

Привет. Я Лена из Украины . Впервые о бренде узнала на Али Экспресс, учавствую в розыгрышах , но пока не удалось выиграть и протестировать . Мечтаю об этом

Hi,I am Shovon.
I am brand new to Kami.
yesterday I rec’d the 4 cameras I ordered from amazon.[kami wire-free Outdoor camera]
at present charging all batteries ( for all the 4 units) ,and till now I have tested only 1 camera (connected with my phone)…next step is to hang all the cameras(4) at designated positions. ( I am in Holland btw).
I was looking for the latest camera updates , but I saw:
-lot of people complaining that camera went on the blip after the update , so a bit anxious here.

  • I am also thinking of buying the cloud membership, in that case would I still need the last updates ? ( afaik, the server is taking care of it all in that case)
    as I said, I am very new to all this, so in due course of time I will be having questions & shall vent them here.
    Hope to have a Nice journey with you all here.
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