Human motion detected

Hi, I have a Yi outdoor camera with the latest firmware ( worked fine from the latests months, buy some days ago started to fail the human detection, every x minutes detect a human motion but no one is in the area.

I have another yi outdoor camera connected to the same account and doesn’t have that problem.


Hey @juliansam Thanks for bringing this to our attention. That sounds really frustrating. Can you let me know if the outdoor cams are battery-powered or wired?

Hi, are wired the two cameras.

Thanks @juliansam. So both wired, 1 has faulty human detection and 1 does not.

Were they purchased at the same time?
Can you upload a short video of the false human detection for our team to take a look into?

Many thanks for your support

Hi, no, not the same time, some months of difference, i bought them in amazon. there are that model:

here is a video whre the app detected as human but noone was in the video.

Hey @juliansam This motion detection appears to be related to the tree’s moving in the wind. Thats the problem with PIR motion detection, it isn’t always accurate. We working out rolling out AI detections which will help reduce false alarms like these and give a more accurate notification. I would recommend lowering your alert frequency and sensitivity for the time being.