How to Set Specific Time Schedule for Video Capture to Cloud

I have a 1080p Dome camera in my living room, with 15-day continuous cloud recording subscription, which captures a lot of motion detection videos with people moving around a lot.

This causes a lot of captured video to be uploaded to the cloud which puts a bit of stain on my internet bandwidth.

Is there any way to stop the camera from recording or uploading videos at a specific time of the day? I already set up a specific time schedule to motion capture in settings of the camera, but I expect this time setting only impacts the recording to SD card, the cloud settings will capture continuous all day.


Hello @Sokpan, sorry for the inconvenience this caused you. At the moment we only have the option to optimize the motion detection settings.

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As a workaround you could look at using a smart plug with the camera. Setting the smart plug to on when you want the camera to record and off to switch the camera off when you want it not to record.

Not as streamlined as having a built in scheduling tool via the Yi/Kami Home App but would give you the functionality you need.

Also should your camera ever need a remote reboot you could use the smart plug for that facility.

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super helpful @YorkshireUser!