How to save video from SD card

Issue: Cannot save full video from SD Card to phone or PC.
I only record video to an SD card and do not have a YI or KAMI paid plan.
I CAN save the 6 second clip, but not the whole video.
I CAN view the entire video on the SD Card.

How do you save the entire video that was recorded in the same day? I see no option for that.

Thank you

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Not sure what the official way is but I scroll back to the time period i want and live record it. That saves to album and then download from app

Hey Brian,

Never thought of re-recording a replay to save it locally. Thanks for the tip.

YI/KAMI – Can you please fix this so users don’t have to jump through all these different ways for basic functionality that should work?

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August 2022 and I have this same problem - did anyone get theirs fixed or find a work around. I have an event I need to record and download before it’s recorded over and I am not in a position to remove the physical SD Card to download that to my PC at this time. My Yi outdoor camera never had this issue but it started making horrible sounds that muffled all the other sounds so we had to replace it and Kami was the only option but is video recording from live playback is not supported