How to Recover deleted Videos?

May you please help me recover deleted videos.

Hi @Mariaebou may I please have some more information? Did you manually delete the videos in question?

Yes, the videos were deleted manually. Is there any possibility to recover them?

@Mariaebou I’m sorry but it is not possible to recover files that were deleted manually.

Thanks a lot for your help

You’re welcome @Mariaebou

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Yes manual deleted well someone else did it

This is a long shot but has helped me countless times in the past, if the file was on SD card and if the file has not been overwritten you could try recovery software such as photorec

AFIK that on a camera that’s always on and writing chances of recovery are small

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Thanks a lot for your help!

Mark, you mentioned in your reply “…sorry but it is NOT possible to recover files once they have been manually deleted.” However, I “manually” delete videos and each time, they automatically come right back several seconds later. I have reached out to customer service and no one is able to resolve this issue. I switched apps from rhe YI to Kami and videos WILL NOT DELETE and keeps returning back on the same date I just deleted videos. I have months of undeleted videos that will not go away. How are they recivering back on its own w/o SD card? Please explain.