How to record from past timeline

Just got my Kami outdoor camera a few days ago. Set it up and it looks great. Rather than opt for the cloud solution I just popped in a MicroSD card and it is saving to that, which works great for me.

I am able to record the live feed to my device just fine which is excellent, however, when viewing from the past timeline, I can save pictures, but I can not record the past timeline feed to my device. It just says “not supported yet”. It does this on both the Kami home app and the Yi home app (they both seem to work with the Kami camera). Is this a limitation of the camera itself or the app? Not having this feature basically makes it kind of useless for me.


@KamiUser You mentioned your footage is saving to your MicroSD card so the SD card is formatted correctly. If you can save pictures, you have allowed the app access to send photos and videos. I’m curious what kind of phone are you using? Please refer to the steps I’m providing to make sure you are going through all the steps to save videos from your SD card to your phone.
First, open and log into your YI Home or Kami Home mobile app.

  1. From the app home screen, click inside your camera thumbnail to go into “Live” view.
  2. Click on the top part of the screen to view the timeline for your footage. Move the white vertical bar inside an orange stripe. The live view will change to “Playback” to view the footage on your SD card.
  3. When viewing the “Playback”, click the top part of the screen to view all the icons. Click on the video camera icon to start recording the footage to your phone. Click the video camera icon again to stop recording.
  4. After the video is done downloading, you can view the video in the Photos app on your phone. As long as the video is not deleted from your “Photos” app, you can view the video in the YI Home or Kami Home app in Discover > Album > Downloaded Videos.

You may need to reformat your microSD card in order for this process to work. Please follow the steps provided. In the app, click on the camera on the home screen. Then click on Settings (Apple) or gear symbol (Android). In Settings, scroll down to the bottom and click on MicroSD Card. Click on Format Storage Card. When asked, “All video in the MicroSD card will be deleted after formatting, continue?”, click OK.

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I’m using an Iphone 5s, and also have tried on an iPad 11, using both the Kami app and the Yi app, and get the same results. I’ve attached a bunch of screenshots as a single image.

I’ve reformatted the microSD card as suggested.
I can record from live.
If I am viewing playback and attempt to record I get “Not supported yet”


@KamiUser I only see one screenshot that you have provided showing the storage capacity and limitations when formatting your microSD card in the app. I don’t see a screenshot showing the error, “Not supported yet”.

Please email our customer support at to better understand and further address this issue. Refer with ticket# 427231.

@patrick.m click on the image and scroll down i see the screenshot


@KamiUser I apologize I noticed the other pictures after I clicked on the main screenshot. I personally have not come across this error, “Not supported yet” when trying to record the video playback from the microSD card. I will look into this issue personally and escalate it to our internal team if needed.

To further troubleshoot your issue, since you are using both apps, can you please provide the app version you are currently running. To verify, on the app home screen, click on Discover. Then click on About. The version will be listed under the name of the app. What is the make and model of the phone you are using?

The Kami app on my iPhone 5s and ipad is version 1.3.4 and Yi app on my iPad gen7 is version 4.3.6

My kami outdoor camera firmware is up to date with latest version

My iPhone is a 5s with version iOS 12.4.6
My iPad is a gen7 with iOS 13.4.1


@KamiUser Thank you for providing me with this information. I have escalated this matter to our internal team. Once I hear back, I will follow up with you on the situation.