How to Get YI Home Camera Alerts on Apple Watch

Is there a way to get YI Home camera alert notifications on an Apple Watch?

When I first got my Apple Watch, I seem to recall that I DID get the alert notifications there, and turned them off at one point. Now I cannot find a setting to get these notifications.

I do have the YI Home App on my iPhone 13 Pro Max and the alert notifications work well there. I don’t see the YI Home App on my Apple Watch - is there a setting somewhere that I am not finding?

Thanks for any help!

Hi, we would like to fix this. As we don’t have your email address, can you please write to us at so that we can help you better. We look forward to your email.

I figured this out.
The only way for apps to appear in the list of apps on the Apple Watch for Mirror My iPhone Notifications is if you have either BANNERS or LOCK SCREEN selected under the notifications settings for the YI Home App on your iPhone. IF you only select NOTIFICATION CENTER, the Yi Home App will not appear on the Apple Watch under Notifications.