How to download Yi Home for Mac from Indonesia

How to download Yi Home for Mac application?
App store said I can’t download because I’m not in America

Is there a way I can download the .dmg?

Hi @Knezn, we are going to look into this, we will get back to you as soon as we know something! Thank you!

Hi @Knezn, Since the MAC app can only be downloaded in the US app store, if you change the region in your apple ID account to US, you can download the app! Here is the link from Apple on how to Change your Apple ID country or region.

Hope this helps! :smiley:

Can not, they ask for payment information that have US address

Hi @Knezn, here are the actual steps to take!

  1. In the Review Payment Information page in the iTunes app, if you don’t want to use a form of payment, select “None” for Payment Method.
  2. The address and phone number that is entered doesn’t matter. This can be any address or phone number. Enter any 5 digit number for the postal code. Enter any 3 digit number for the area code and any 7 digit number for the phone number. Click on Continue.
  3. Open the MAC App Store app. Click on Store at the top. Click sign out. Sign back into the app with your iCloud account.
  4. In the search bar, type YI Home and click enter.
  5. You will see the YI Home app available to download.

Hope this works!

@Knezn we saw your new post on a similar topic. Please kindly continue the conversation here in case you still encounter issues!

i managed to download using my friend account in the US app store.
another problem come up.
all my cameras are setup using Asian region, and not the Yi Home Mac App doesn’t have Asian region :frowning:

please help

any update on this?
really hope to overcome all of this yi camera problems

Hi @Knezn, In order to view your cameras in the MAC desktop app, you will need to sign into your mobile app (YI Home or Kami Home) under a European or North American region. Then you will need to pair your cameras in the app while signed into one of these two regions. After they are paired, you will be able to log into that region on the MAC desktop app to view the cameras. If you have purchased a cloud service, you will only be able to view the cloud service in the Asia region. However, the Windows desktop app includes Asia as a region to sign into. If you have a Windows computer, you can use the YI Home or Kami Home desktop app for Windows.
Hope this helps, please let us know!

Hi @Knezn the .dmg file of YI Home App for Mac is now available on Hope this helps, please let us know!

i have problem with yi home apps in my mac,

I need help

any update guys? i need connect yi home with my mac

Hi @tama our team is working on the issue. We’ll share update here as soon as we have it. In the meantime, our recommendation is to use our smartphone version of the app.

Should YI make changing region easier?
Perhaps in settings, customer can just pick what region instead of factory reset, configure again from zero.
Some of my outdoor camera installed already and hard to reach.

Hi @Knezn we’re working on this. We’ll share an update here as soon as we have it.