Google Home Not Seeing All My Yi Cameras

I have three cameras on my Yi account, but my Google Home will only see 2 of them. Any ideas?

Hi @MatthewAPatty, thanks for joining the forum!

Are all three of the cameras YI cameras, or do you also have a Kami camera? Could you please let me know what cameras Google Home is seeing and which ones it is not? Also do you have a pin on any of the cameras?

you have to add the cameras into a room in google home for them to show up on the google display if that is what you mean

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I have done that. Two of my cameras are “discoverable” but my third one never shows up…any advice?

All three are Yi. What do you mean a pin?

No pin on any of them.

Does the YHS-113-IR (I think It is a 720P) camera not speak to the Google system?

Hi @MatthewAPatty sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately those older generation 720p YI Home Cameras are not compatible with Google Assistant.

At least I know!

Thank you!

You’re welcome @MatthewAPatty :+1: